About the network

A trilateral agreement between Wokingham Borough Council, WDVTA, and the Tree Council has established the Wokingham Tree Warden Network in the Borough. Neighbouring schemes already exist in Reading and Windsor and Maidenhead and now members of WDVTA can offer to become tree wardens in their parish under WBC’s membership of the Tree Council. This will provide opportunities for tree-related projects as well as increased protection and awareness of local trees. The Tree Warden Co-ordinator works with the Tree Council and WBC to ensure that those who wish to participate in projects have all the information they need.

Role of Tree Wardens

There is no training or specific responsibility other than an interest in, and concern for, trees. Members can call themselves Tree Wardens if they so wish. They are not expected to be experts and they do not have any delegated authority.

The kinds of projects that Tree Wardens have engaged in include some that WDVTA is already doing. For example:

  • Surveying trees and gathering information about them, including their history
  • Getting together with like-minded people for training and field trips
  • Leading guided tree walks and giving talks to local groups
  • Producing leaflets for tree walks or the history of specific trees
  • Providing early warning of threats, disease, decay or vandalism
  • Working with local groups and schools on tree-related projects

Other projects that a developed association could promote if members so wished might be:

  • Planting and caring for trees, and managing local woods
  • Setting up tree nurseries using seeds collected locally
  • Supporting Tree Council initiatives such as the Hedge Tree Campaign
  • Helping farmers to lay hedges or tag trees for protection
  • Developing initiatives such as tree adoption to encourage others to value trees.

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