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Trees and Woodland Strategy Toolkit Workshops kick off in the Midlands and the North!

The Tree Council

March 2, 2023

The Tree Council kicked off our Trees and Woodland Strategies tour this week with our first two workshops taking place in Leeds and the National Forest.

Delivered in partnership with Fera Science and Forest Research, dozens of local authorities joined us to learn more about our Trees and Woodland Strategy (TAWS) Toolkit and to share knowledge and best practice around the enhancement of our treescapes.

Speakers included The Tree Council’s Jon Stokes and Jess Allan, and Fera Science’s Jen Clements, who gave insights into national policy and the toolkit, as well as Glenn Gorner from Leeds City Council and Andy Jackson from Leicestershire City Council, who shared their experiences of developing their own tree strategies.

Group discussions centred on the Trees and Woodland Strategy cycle, shown in the image below, and covered everything from data gathering and target-setting to community engagement and policy. It was fascinating to hear the common challenges and priorities faced by local authorities.

Feedback so far has been very encouraging, and it was a pleasure to see attendees swapping contact details, and sharing their ideas and tips.

“It was great to meet you all today. I felt we stimulated some really great thoughts on our table. I came back with a good list of actions and fired-up to push forward on our strategy review ~ thanks!”
Alex Begg, Nottingham City Council

Thank you to all the teams who attended and shared their knowledge and perspectives, and a huge thanks to our hosts, Leeds City Council and the National Forest, who welcomed us and generously shared their knowledge and enthusiasm! We were blown away with the passion and energy there is for developing meaningful and far-reaching tree strategies across England and can’t wait for our next workshops.

We have plans to bring workshops into the south-west and other areas of England, so make sure to stay in the loop by getting in touch with jessica.allan@treecouncil.org.uk.


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