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Update on National Tree Week in light of national lockdown measures

The Tree Council

November 6, 2020

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Last updated: 6/11/2020

England has now entered a second lockdown which started on Thursday 5 November and provisionally ends on Wednesday 2 December.

The lockdown measures mean that the majority of planned community or public tree planting events will not take place during National Tree Week (28 Nov – 6 Dec) as we all had hoped, although we anticipate that planned planting within schools can still safely take place.

Tree Wardens, volunteers and members of the public are reminded to observe all government restrictions, which will be enforceable by law. This includes:

  • Staying at home unless necessary. The government have listed specific reasons why people might leave the house. While volunteering is mentioned, this most likely relates to community volunteering to address the impacts of Covid, which means tree planting events would not qualify
  • No outdoor gatherings of more than two people
  • No travel on public transport unless necessary

For full details visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november

At the time of writing, Wales is in a ‘firebreak lockdown’ until 9 November, after which new regulations will be put in place. Northern Ireland is under a set of national restrictions until 16 November, while Scotland is under a tiered system of restrictions. Tree Wardens, volunteers and members of the public in countries other than England are reminded to follow the restrictions in their country and/or region.

As we cannot currently know how long the lockdown will last, and what measures will be put in place once it is lifted, we recommend events be cancelled and rescheduled once more information is available.

While we are all disappointed not to be able to get together and plant trees during National Tree Week as we usually would, trees still have a remarkable ability to bring us together.

The Tree Council will be running a week-long programme of fantastic free arts and culture events online, inspired by trees. Bookings will open over the next week. Visit www.treecouncil.org.uk for updates. Through trees, we remain #TreelyConnected. We hope to see many of you there!

Take care and stay safe,

Team Tree Council

#TreelyConnected #NationalTreeWeek


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