It’s time to act.

Trees and hedgerows can both mitigate the challenges we face as a warming planet and help stop climate change in its tracks.  

The Government has pledged that the UK will reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – and planting trees is key to making this a reality. In fact, to reach this goal it’s estimated that the UK needs to plant as many as 50 million trees covering 1.44 million hectares.  

We can only get there by working together. If we do not act now, irreversible, catastrophic climate change will occur in our lifetimes. Right now, we still have time to halt climate change – and our future is in our hands.

Across the UK, nestled within every town, city and stretch of countryside, lie millions of incredible, life-giving wonders – trees!  

Trees and hedgerows are amazing, they can see, hear, taste, talk and even sense your presence. And, as we work together to tackle the climate and nature crises, they are also an essential tool in the fight for our future both above and below ground.  

They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and emit the oxygen we need to breath, they add nutrients to the soil and support thousands of plants and vital wildlife species and they filter pollutants from our air and alleviate flooding from extreme weather events. Trees even inspire us with creative thoughts, new ideas and inventions and help us to feel calm, happy and safe.  

Whether you plant a tree in a pot on your doorstep, donate so The Tree Council can plant one on your behalf or use your voice to speak up for trees, every action brings us one step closer to nature. Make your pledge today and plant for our future. 

Take action now.

1. Plant a tree

If you’re able to, collecting seeds or planting your own tree is the perfect way to make a difference. It might be in your garden, a plant pot or somewhere in your local community. You can find help and resources to help you do this here. 

2. Donate for trees

Donating £15 plants one brand new tree or metre of hedgerow – and means we can care for it afterwards. However much you’re able to give, you’ll be helping us lay down roots for a tree and naturefilled future. 

3. Speak up for trees

Your voice matters. Speak up for trees, hedgerows and nature and our planet’s future today and let everyone know what kind of world you want to see. Together, we can grow a greener future – one where nature can thrive.