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We drive practical science and research to influence national policy and inspire local action.

Ash Dieback Disease

Ash dieback is the most significant tree disease to affect the UK since Dutch elm disease, which was first recognised in the 1960s. A strategic and co-ordinated local response is essential to deal with the multiple issues that ash dieback presents.


Hedgerows are an important but undervalued resource that are in danger of being lost from our towns and cities. They are crucial for biodiversity and provide a range of benefits to people.

Local Tree Strategies

We are working with Forest Research and local authorities around the country to understand the nature of the UK’s local tree strategies.

Oak Processionary Moth (OPM)

The caterpillars (larvae) of the oak processionary moth (OPM) are pests of oak trees, as well as a hazard to human and animal health. We are working with Forest Research to produce guidance on managing the impacts of this tree pest.

Other research

  • Natural regeneration: Natural regeneration and tree planting are often seen as opposing approaches to protecting and saving our precious trees. However, both will be important if we want to grow and protect the UK treescape and achieve net zero carbon emissions. Find out more →