A new Action Plan Toolkit for local authorities and other landowners dealing with ash dieback in Scotland

Symptoms of ash dieback disease became increasingly visible across Scotland in 2020, including on large, mature ash trees. The impact of this disease has escalated rapidly in the south of England in particular, and it is likely that Scotland will soon be on a similar trajectory. Current evidence suggests that at least 50%–75% of Scotland’s ~11 million mature ash trees may die over the next two decades.

Dealing with the impact of this disease will present huge challenges for all those with responsibility for ash trees in the landscape. However, careful planning and management can help ensure a measured and pragmatic response, with a focus on the long-term recovery of affected landscapes. The Tree Council, supported by Scottish Forestry, has worked closely with a number of organisations at the forefront of dealing with ash dieback infection in Scotland to develop a new Action Plan Toolkit.

This step-by-step guide aims to:
• Increase understanding of the implications of ash dieback
• Provide a framework for preparing an Action Plan
• Work at a strategic level, but be adaptable to any scale
• Focus on the tactical issues that an organisation may face
• Encourage communication, collaboration and active engagement with communities

The Toolkit contains recent case studies and resources created by a number of Scottish local authorities and other organisations, providing examples of the processes they have taken as they prepare to manage the impacts of ash dieback on their land.

You can view the Toolkit here.