Tree Council Jubilee Tree:
This is one of The Tree Council’s 60 educational tree planting schemes with children that were inspired by the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Each tree, provided by The Tree Council, was chosen and planted by volunteers in the community.
Type of tree:
Red Oak
South Lakes Federation

For once the weather was kind to us and intrepid Diamond Jubilee tree planters from the South Lakes Federation of Cumbrian secondary schools had almost perfect conditions to perform their task.

Having chosen a suitable site for the red oak — on top of a hill but close enough to the nearby lane for passers-by to enjoy — each took it in turn to help dig a sufficiently large hole to hold the root ball. This proved the most challenging part of the task as underlying rocks attempted to thwart our first choice of site. However, true British grit and determination that Her Majesty would surely have been proud of ensured that her tree would be planted where we wanted it.

It proved to be a brilliant example of teamwork: each planter had a specific task to complete but also supported others with theirs. None had planted such a tall tree before and there was a feeling of fulfilment once it was securely staked and the final shovel of soil was put in place.

Comments like, “I’ll have to bring my kids and my grandchildren to see this tree” were heard – a satisfying moment for the planters. Hopefully future generations will marvel at what one of their “ancestors” helped to achieve, and also remember the great lady, Her Majesty The Queen.

It was also quite magical that when our team was planting this special commemorative tree, many other young people across the country were engaged in similar projects within their own localities.


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