Working together for the love of trees since 1973.

The Tree Council brings everyone together with a shared mission to care for trees and our planet’s future. We inspire and empower organisations, government, communities and individuals with the knowledge and tools to create positive, lasting change at a national and local level.

Our impact

We’re working across sectors to deliver a range of innovative planting and research programmes that are having a real impact.

Meet our team

We’re a small but mighty team based in Canada Water, London.

Our Trustees

Our Trustees ensure that The Tree Council delivers its mission effectively and manages its resources careful.

Our aims

  • To champion trees in everything we do.
  • To be the trusted voice of the tree sector.
  • To drive practical science and research into our treescape.
  • To enable dialogue and action in the sector, nationally and locally.
  • To encourage, inspire and persuade people of all ages and backgrounds to value and love trees.
  • To harness the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of our team, Tree Wardens and communities to plant, care for and protect trees and make a lasting impact on our world.
  • To lead and connect organisations and, together, persuade decision-makers, influence national policy and deliver local action.

We’re better together.

To help us to plant, protect and care for trees and hedgerows, why not consider donating or joining us as a volunteer Tree Warden? Or if you are an organisation, you might consider becoming one of our members.

Tree Planting and Care

Make a donation

Your generosity will help us to plant, care for and protect trees at a local level, through our amazing local volunteers and community grants programmes.

Life on the Hedge

Building partnerships

To lead and connect organisations to persuade decision-makers, influence national policy and deliver local action around our treescape.

Working with Volunteers

Working with volunteers

We manage a national force of volunteer Tree Wardens who champion their local trees. They organise activities, fundraise, research and advise on trees and related topics.