Connecting people with trees across the UK.

The Tree Council is a charity and umbrella body bringing everyone together with a shared mission to care for trees and our planet’s future. We inspire and empower organisations, government, communities and individuals with the knowledge and tools to create positive, lasting change at a national and local level. We’re a small but mighty team based in Canada Water, London. Get to know us below…

Senior management

Sara Lom

Sara Lom

Chief Executive

Favourite tree: Hornbeam

Jon Stokes

Jon Stokes

Director of Trees, Science and Research

Favourite tree: Yew

Clare Bowen

Director of Programmes, Partnerships and Communications

Favourite tree: Beech


Mira Shetty

Partnerships Officer

Favourite tree: Ash


Matt Hurst

Head of Comms and Policy

Favourite tree: Ash

Amélie Sells

Communications Manager

Favourite tree: Rowan

Kayleigh Wright

Digital Comms Officer

Favourite tree: Horse chestnut


Cat Gransden

Head of Development

Favourite tree: Oak

Louise McGovern

Development Officer

Favourite tree: Aspen


Niloufer Limki

Head of Finance

Favourite tree: Mulberry

Mohammed Muraduzzaman

Finance & Administration Officer

Favourite tree: Silver birch

Geraldine Creaven

Grants Officer

Favourite tree: Ash


Annie Heslop

Hedgerows Programme Manager

Favourite tree: Beech

Will Fitzpatrick

Hedgerows Community Engagement Officer

Favourite tree: Sweet chestnut

National Tree Warden Scheme

Sam Village

National Tree Warden Scheme Coordinator

Favourite tree: Silver Birch


Phil Paulo

Head of Major Tree Planting Projects

Favourite tree: Katsura (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) – Native to China/Japan

Ian Turner

Head of Planting & Ecology Projects Southern Region

Favourite tree: Field maple


Richard Pollard

National Schools Programme Manager

Favourite tree: Silver Birch

Katie Rafferty

National Schools Programme Officer

Favourite tree: Oak

Science and research

Jessica Allan

Science & Research Projects Manager

Favourite tree: Oak, and Cherry!

Charlotte Benham

Science & Research Projects Officer

Favourite tree: Ginkgo

Shared Outcomes

Jackie Shallcross

Shared Outcomes Project Manager

Favourite tree: Hornbeam