gemma woodfall

Gemma Woodfall

Shared Outcomes Fund: Project Lead

Gemma is a chartered landscape architect with over 15 years of experience across landscape planning, design and management. She has delivered a wide range of projects from park restoration to residential developments and produced numerous award-winning design guides and evidence bases.

Experienced in project managing and operating within multi-disciplinary environments, Gemma is leading our Trees Outside Woodlands project, bringing her passion for trees to help improve the future of tree establishment and tackle some of the largest barriers to tree planting and survival of trees.

Gemma says about trees:

“There is so much hope in a tree. Giving us deeply rooted connection to our past and culture, and are a celebration for the future. It is long overdue for us to protect the trees we have (and plant more in the right place!) for the benefit of our environment and people, in the fight against climate and biodiversity collapse.”

Gemma’s favourite tree:

“A tree that gives me delight is the Turkish hazel (Corylus colurna) which I discovered whilst studying Urban Woodland Design in Denmark. It’s the largest of the hazel species, brilliant at establishing in all manner of locations and shows great resilience in tough urban conditions. Interesting all year-round with glorious autumn colour, its elegant form when young broadens in age, supporting a wealth of wildlife and producing tasty filberts.”