Geraldine Creaven

Administrative Officer

Geraldine Creaven is our administrative officer – meaning she keeps us running in a thousand different ways!

This includes supporting the Tree Warden Scheme, running the Tree Future Grants scheme, and being the first point of contact for the public and our member organisations.
Before joining The Tree Council, and since coming to London nearly 30 years ago, Geraldine has worked across the third sector, especially at organisations with social justice and the environment at their heart.

Geraldine says about trees:

“The sight and sound of trees, and the wildlife that inhabit them, can lift my heart on the darkest of days.”

Geraldine’s favourite tree:

“As an Irishwoman, ash are particularly important to me because of their huge cultural significance, being used to make hurleys for our national game – hurling! My father played for his county, and I shall miss them when they are gone. I look forward to cherishing the few that may survive ash dieback disease!”