Jon Stokes

Director of Trees, Science & Research

Jon has been working on the conservation and protection of trees at The Tree Council for over thirty years. He helped found the national Tree Warden Scheme, which was first piloted in Leicestershire, and has worked closely with volunteer Tree Wardens around the country ever since.

Jon has a Bachelors degree in Botany & Zoology and a Masters in Conservation. Jon has written and co-written ten books with The Tree Council over the years, but his personal favourite is Why Are Leaves Green?

Jon says about trees:

“As a focus of nature conservation, trees are a unique gateway into the natural world. They are fascinating and valuable in their own right but also provide habitats and environments for millions of other living things. I love spending time with trees for that sense that you can read their history in their shape and their form.”

Jon’s favourite tree:

“Yew trees are amazing because they are almost immortal. As they grow, their branches reach out and downwards, and create new trees at the point where their branches touch the ground, creating unique groves which have the potential to live forever. And as one of only three native conifers and the oldest trees in the British landscape (some older than Stonehenge) they create totally unique and irreplaceable habitats.”