Juliette Colaco

National School Programme Officer

Before joining The Tree Council, Juliette was a Primary School Teacher, teaching in both Key Stages in the UK and Malaysia. She has always been passionate about protecting and conserving our environment and first started inspiring others to have the same passion by coordinating her school’s environmental education and managing the powerful Green Dragons, the school eco committee.

At The Tree Council Juliette combines her skills in teaching and education with her passion for the environment, trees and nature to help deliver our nationwide schools and education programme. The programme teaches young people to understand the importance of trees to biodiviersty as well as themselves, helping them foster a connection that will encourag them to plant, protect them and champion trees in their lives, something that Juliette believes is critical for enabling sustainable, thriving  life in the future. Team Tree Council is lucky to have Juliette on board, and we are in awe of her amazing her work inspiring and empowering young people to be a #ForceForNature and protect future of our planet.”

Juliette says about trees:

“Where to start?! Trees are incredible, carbon capturing machines, home to phenomenal species, beautiful and unique. My love and respect for trees has grown whilst living and travelling around Asia for the last 4 years, having spent so much time trekking through jungles, watching (and hearing!) gibbons swing effortlessly through the treetops and seeing the sun rise over a glistening mist covered canopy. Trees are truly enchanting! They are vital for the health of our planet, the survival of numerous magnificent species and every aspect of human health. You only have to spend a few minutes sitting beneath a beautiful tree or walking in a forest to feel their calming, restoring power.”

Juliette’s favourite tree:

It has got to be a gingko. Although not native the UK, we had several of these in my garden whilst growing up. I love the shape of their leaves and it’s humbling to think that these living fossils were around at the same time as dinosaurs! On a recent trip to Seoul, the sight of this treasured tree lining the streets brought a smile to my face – great for improving air quality, not so great when you accidentally tread on one of their foul smelling, plum-like ‘fruits’!”