Madeleine Stottor

Head of Communications & Policy

Maddy joined The Tree Council in the summer of 2021 and looks after all our communications functions such as media, digital, marketing and fundraising.


Maddy has been working in charity communications since leaving university, with a stint in the civil service to learn more about how policies are made. She has worked on a range of issues including water and sanitation, rainforests and poverty and is thrilled to now be focusing on trees and hedgerows.

Maddy says about trees:

“I may not be a tree expert (yet!) but they’re a huge part of my life and always have been. There is always more to learn about trees and hedgerows and these fascinating, soothing beings do so much for us.”

Maddy’s favourite tree:

“I’ve always loved ash trees but also have a soft spot for the strange dwarf oak trees at Wistman’s Wood in Dartmoor!”