Sara Lom


Sara Lom is CEO of The Tree Council. She works with the Board, team, volunteers, partners and supporters to get everyone working together for the love of trees. She leads our small but mighty team to plant and care for trees and encourages innovative new ideas for a bold and beautiful, tree-filled future. Formerly CEO of The Royal Parks Foundation and with experience across the public, private and charity sectors, she also brings her passion for the rich cultural and educational value of trees and green spaces.

Sara says about trees:

“I always think of trees as a peephole into history. I often find myself standing looking at a venerable tree, imagining what it must have seen its long life. Trees spend their days looking after us and providing homes for wildlife, never asking for anything in return – now I feel it’s time to look after them!”

Sara’s favourite tree:

“Give me a hornbeam every time. I love its beautiful shape, but also its really practical nature. Its hard wood has so many uses, from piano hammers to the spokes on a water mill. Its that balance of beauty and practicality that I love.”