lewis morrison

Lewis Morrison

Head of Major Tree Planting Projects

As a youngster Lewis was inspired by the coppice-woods of the Kent North Downs, and witnessed the shocking impact of the 1987 hurricane on his local trees. Upon leaving school, he became a woodland contractor and since then has worked in operational forestry, woodland and countryside management with the Forestry Commission, Woodland Trust and Glendale. With further experience in an inner-city local authority and Defra’s rural team, Lewis understands trees from the viewpoint of policy as well as that of practical tree planning, planting and management.

Lewis says about trees:

“For me, trees are the answer to so many of our environmental and societal needs, such as biodiversity, protection from a changing climate, mental and physical wellbeing, jobs, education and art! Working for The Tree Council I can help people and places renew their connection and love for trees, our most loyal and ancient of guardians.”

Lewis’ favourite tree:

“I am a big fan of old, veteran and ancient trees such as lime, oak, yew and chestnut, and the place they hold in the landscape and in local history. A tree that plays this role so very well is ash. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from standards to coppice to pollards to stubs – ash can mark an ancient earthwork, or a historic political boundary, or simply show where woodland craftspeople have shaped a hedge centuries before. In the face of ash dieback, recording and chronicling these ancient place-markers in the landscape is a hugely important duty.”