The Charter for Trees, Woods and People.

The Tree Council is one the 70 plus organisations who are working together with the Woodland Trust to create The Charter for Woods, Trees and People. This document celebrates the 800th anniversary of The Charter of the Forest, which was set up to complement clauses in the Magna Carta and referenced the forests of the land, and re-established the rights of the people using them, for grazing livestock, collecting firewood and food.

For the benefit of all

This new Charter, ‘The Charter for Trees, Woods and People’, is relevant for people today by supporting a future in which trees and people stand strongly together and sets out how each can benefit the other. Relevant to individuals, organisations, businesses, schools and community groups the Tree Charter’s foundation is built upon 10 principles setting out achievable, practical roles and responsibilities for all people in the UK.

A clarion call for trees

The Tree Charter is a new beginning, and strives to be a benchmark for policy, business practice and individual action, ensuring that everyone in society knows what’s needed to safeguard the important relationship that trees have with people and wildlife.

Although it won’t be adopted into law as a whole, the Tree Charter will exist in the public domain with a huge mandate from the vast number of organisations who contributed to it, and the thousands of people across the UK who have signed it.

The Tree Council’s mission is to make trees matter to everyone so that more trees are planted, all trees get better care, and people are inspired to take effective action. The Tree Charter will be a powerful tool in campaigning, and a useful and easy way for businesses, institutions, communities and individuals to make decisions that are good for trees and people. As more organisations, institutions and Local Authorities adopt The Charter into their strategies and policies, there will be a stronger voice for trees themselves..

144,167 people have signed the Charter.

The Charter was launched at Lincoln Castle on the 6th November 2017. Lincoln Castle is home to one of the last two remaining copies of the historic document, The Charter of the Forest.