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Winners of Story in Nature competition announced! 

The Tree Council

January 6, 2023

The Tree Council is delighted to announce the winners of 2022’s Story in Nature writing competition, delivered in partnership with The Week Junior Science+Nature, and to share our Story in Nature 2022 anthology.

In the Under 11 category, congratulations to Sebastian from Fife (10) for winning with his untitled diary-style piece, which the judges praised for its sense of wide-eyed awe, clear love of the natural world and the simple clarity of the language used.

In the 11-15 category, congratulations to Fatimah from Ilford (11) for winning with her poem ‘Standing in Awe’. The judges were especially delighted by the originality of Fatimah’s comparison of tree and human likeness, loved her use of imagery and felt that the poem delivered a powerful message, simply and calmly.

In addition to our winners, the judges also awarded special commendations to Marthy (8) and Gracie (8) for their poems in the Under 11 category, and to Rory (15) for his untitled piece in the 11-15 category.

Once again, our judges were blown away by the creative, inspiring and compelling entries – including poems, stories and essays – that we received from children up and down the country, and who shared with us the amazing connections they feel with the natural world.

As in previous years, our judges faced an incredibly tough challenge choosing the winners from such an amazing selection of entries. Harry Munt, Young Tree Champion Senior Ambassador and a freelance writer, felt that “each entry was so unique and creative it made judging so difficult, but for all the right reasons. Some of the description, poetry and language was incredible! Not only that, but you could feel how enthusiastic each author was about nature – the passion leapt off the page and out of the writing.”

We’re thrilled to be able to congratulate our tree-ly inspiring young winners and to thank everyone who entered this year’s competition. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have.

You can read all winning, commended, and shortlisted entries in The Story in Nature anthology, available on The Tree Council’s Young Tree Champions website.


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