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Working with Network Rail to help Glasgow community groups improve biodiversity

The Tree Council

May 12, 2023

Our partnership with Network Rail

The Tree Council worked with volunteers from Network Rail to help Queens Park Comunity Orchard and the Friends of Elder Park create a lasting legacy in the city

With the support of The Tree Council, volunteers planted new fruit trees, pruned current fruit trees, and protected plants at Queens Park Community Orchard in Glasgow.

Phil Paulo, Head of Major Tree Planting Projects at The Tree Council, said: “It is great that The Tree Council and Network Rail are working together to get involved in projects that demonstrate an opportunity to engage grassroots community groups.

“The Tree Council is looking forward to working collaboratively with Network Rail in the coming years, particularly in Glasgow.

“Together we’ll support local communities to make an active contribution to green the city through new planting and the care of the existing urban trees while undertaking a sustainable approach to tree management.”

The day was delivered in partnership with propagate.org.uk,the organisation responsible for site management, with community orchards like this being a big win for biodiversity.

Propagate Scotland is so happy with the work that it is planning a follow-up session later this year to see how things have established.

Network Rail volunteers also provided support to The Friends of Elder Park, a small community group in Govan. Volunteers helped prepare the ground, plant hawthorn bushes, learn how to graft trees for planting, and undertook maintenance of existing trees. A total of 592 hawthorn bushes were planted in Elder Park.

Network Rail, through The Tree Council, is keen to develop an ongoing and sustainable relationship with the Friends of Elder Park. It’s hoped that through collaboration, a tree strategy for the park can be delivered.

Keira McLuskey, Head of Sustainability at Network Rail Scotland, said: “These projects demonstrate an opportunity to engage with a grassroots community group and for Network Rail to contribute to what is very much a community designed and driven project with added biodiversity and carbon benefits.

“We are investing into the heart of the Govan and Queen’s Park communities, and we hope to deliver more of this work in other communities around the country.”

Find out more about The Tree Council’s work with Network Rail by visiting www.treecouncil.org.uk/partnerships/network-rail/


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