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Young people around the country are becoming a Force for Nature.

We believe that every young person has it within themselves to be a force for nature – to connect with, learn about, care for and share with others the awesome power of trees and the natural world. Join The Tree Council’s Force for Nature call to action and become part of a nationwide network of thousands of schools and young people speaking up for nature to create a tree-filled, healthier future for all.

Force for Nature

Be a Force for Nature

The Tree Council’s overarching call to action for schools and young people, driven by a vision of a tree-filled, healthier future for all. We do this by working together for the love of trees; providing the resources, training and opportunities for all children, regardless of background or location, to connect, learn, care and share the awesome power of trees and become powerful champions for trees and the natural world.

“From our teachers using the knowledge & understanding gained from the Learning for Sustainability CPD sessions, which developed a real appreciation for the vitality of trees, to our pupils writing and delivering their own powerful speeches using new skills from the Speakers Trust workshop, the whole process has been a rich and an all-encompassing wonderful learning opportunity!”

– Springside Primary, Glasgow

Connecting young people with trees and each other

Our programmes have been designed to address four key challenges faced by schools:

  • Rising eco-anxiety among young people and teachers
  • A knowledge and skills gap associated with tree health, horticulture and the impact of the nature crisis
  • Limited opportunities for young people to influence positive change, especially in areas of high deprivation
  • Nature-poor school grounds
Young Tree Champions

Get involved

There are several ways The Tree Council can bring the wonder of trees to your pupils and help your school become a Force for Nature.

Young Tree Champions

Young Tree Champions Programme

Our flagship educational programme for schools, designed by teachers for teachers. It supports schools to embark on impactful nature-based learning activities that connect pupils and staff to trees and nature, helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and tools they need to speak up to protect trees and our planet.

Force for Nature

Nominate a school ambassador

If you have proactive pupils passionate about supporting nature, then why not nominate them to be a Young Tree Champions School Ambassador?

Story in Nature


Our annual competitions are excellent opportunities for children and young people to share the connections they have with the natural world while honing their writing and oratory skills. Competitions run throughout the year and are open to all.

Orchards for Schools

Orchards (and hedgerows!) for Schools

Our grant programme for schools, Orchards for Schools provides a free, one-off pack of fruit trees and/or fruiting hedgerow whips to schools that are at the start of their planting journey, or whose priority is a straightforward way of greening their grounds for biodiversity and/or site enhancement.

Branching Out Fund

Branching Out Fund

Grants of up to £2,500 are available for schools and community groups proposing to undertake well-planned tree, orchard and hedge planting projects.

Life on the Hedge Podcast

Life on the Hedge Podcast

Inspire your pupils to consider a job in the environmental sector with our Life on the Hedge podcast. We chat to some extraordinary young people to explore the magic of hedgerows and the ever-growing world of green jobs.

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Sign up for our Force for Nature school newsletter and get updates about exciting opportunities for young learners; including free trees, education resources, competitions and volunteering opportunities.


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