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If you want to protect your local trees or find out how to how and care for trees, lots of topics are covered in our frequently asked questions.

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Campaign with the Tree Council

How to make a donation…

By donating to The Tree Council, you can make a real difference to trees and communities in urban and rural areas across the UK. It helps us to put trees in school playgrounds, train the Tree Wardens who plant, care for and champion trees in their local communities.

Take part in an event

How to volunteer…

Being a Tree Warden is all about making trees matter in your local area. It enables people like you to play an active role in conserving and enhancing the trees and woods that you see and enjoy in your community every day.

How to protect local trees…

We rely on tree champions like you to speak for trees at a local level. Here’s some guidance on some of the most common issues and questions we get approached with.