Working with partners across the UK.

We work very closely in partnership with local authorities across the country, many of which are tree champions advocating for trees at the local level. We also work with Network Rail as a ‘critical friend’ to support them in managing their vegetation better for nature and safety and to meet their commitment to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain.

Our work with Network Rail

Network Rail

The Tree Council acts as a ‘critical friend’ to one of the UK’s largest public landowners as they work towards a railway that is better for nature and for people.

Our work with Local Councils

Local Authorities

Local authorities are vital to protecting and planting the precious trees found in our street, towns and parks.

Life on the Hedge

Life on the Hedge

Following on from the success of our Close the Gap project in 2021/22, Life on the Hedge, funded by Defra’s Trees Call to Action Fund, is a programme focused on achieving bigger, healthier, better-connected hedgerows.

Action Oak

Action Oak

Action Oak is a partnership of organisations who are protecting oak trees by working with owners and managers of oak trees and woodlands to help to protect the trees from a range of threats.

The Tree Council

Our charity partners

We ‘work together for the love of trees’ and our Charity Partner membership embodies this, initiating discussion and action to influence policy, drive research and increase the impact of our collective work.