Donate and help us lay down roots for a tree-filled future.

Your generosity will plant, care for and protect trees at a local level, through our amazing local volunteers and community grants programmes. It will also help us to speak up for and champion trees nationally, through advocacy, science and research and our network of member organisations.
Every donation, no matter how small, counts: “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Choose how much to donate


Plants 1 tree – and cares for it afterwards


Plants 2 trees – including ties, stakes, mulch and vital aftercare


Plants 1 younger tree and 1 older tree – and cares for them afterwards


Plants 3 young trees and 2 older ones – and cares for them afterwards

An oak in the middle of a field

Leave a legacy of trees

By leaving a gift to us in your will, or to remember a loved one, you can help us protect trees for the future – a truly special and timeless legacy.

Tree Council Corporate Donations

Corporate giving and CSR

We work with ethical businesses to help them ‘give back’ and plant, care for and protect trees around the UK. Every corporate partnership is bespoke to make sure it’s a meaningful relationship for everyone. Get in touch to talk about how we can lay down a tree-filled future together.