We are THE membership organisation for the tree sector.

Our membership is broad and reaches all areas of the sector…and often beyond. Our Members range from voluntary and community groups to local authorities and government and are united by a desire to make a positive difference and work together for the love of trees.

What we do

We facilitate dialogue and action between our Members to influence policy, drive science and research and increase the impact of our collective tree work. As an independent charity and membership body, we advocate for trees with government and in public life.

Types of membership

Our Members encompass charities, community groups, local authorities and others, and the involvement of our Members in our work is just as varied. We partner with local authorities to deliver the Tree Warden scheme in their area, with local and national charities to influence tree science and practice, and much more.

Tree Wardens training day

Tree Warden Network members

Our Tree Warden Network members co-ordinate their local Tree Wardens, local tree champions who plant, look after and stand up for the trees in their patch.

Charity partner members

Our Charity Partner members enjoy a range of benefits including access to our Charity Coalition Group forums, and opportunities to work together on policy statements and advocacy activities.

Interested in becoming a charity member?

If you’d like to discuss becoming a charity member of the Tree Council, please contact us by emailing info@treecouncil.org.uk.