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Gallery: Tree-L-C Day at Adhurst Community Allotments

The Tree Council

July 3, 2024

We were joined by teams from LaSalle, Premier Miton, Ground Control, Brunswick and Network Rail, returning to Adhurst Community Allotments in Petersfield for a Tree-L-C day.

Our Tree-L-C day saw us revisit the wildlife-abundant Miyawaki forest planted by The Tree Council in 2022, to monitor and protect the trees and support the wonderful local dormouse population.

Volunteers took part in a variety of Tree-L-C activities, including weeding and re-guarding trees in the Miyawaki Micro Forest, and watering and mulching the hazel, apple and quince trees in the Fruit & Nut Circle.

They made a fantastic effort to help clear down overgrown vegetation on site, and supported the lifting, sifting and shifting of soil across the allotment – so more trees can be planted in the future!

Sue Edberg from the Petersfield Community Garden instructing volunteers from Network Rail on how to successfully carry out the T-Budding Grafting method for apple trees. In the video they are grafting buds from the Sunrise apple variety onto an M26 semi-dwarfing rootstock, these trees are destined for the Rail Roots project where they can be grown on into espalier apples for small gardens.

A very big thank you to the team on the day and to all the volunteers that join us throughout the year.


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